SEO and Social Media

SEO and Social Media

After you’ve realized that you should pay more attention to SEO strategies for a better ranking, the impact of social media on it has surely become clear to you. While searching for a certain company, its’ Facebook or Twitter profile will appear on the third or fourth place. So, what are the best options to make your appearance count and attract everyone’s attention?

Post1aFirst of all, carefully observe people and their needs. To create content they will like and share, you need to see what type of content is highly (or poorly) popular and fit your product among it. There is also a chance to notice some “black holes” on the market, which is the great opportunity you should really take advantage of. Create unique content that will surprise your potential customers, so they will have to come back and see it again.

Don’t confuse social media followers. For example, if you have a really good knowledge on writing Facebook posts, don’t use the same strategy on Instagram. Create exclusive SEO plans for every social media you are planning to target. The more profiles on social platforms you create, the better.

Post1bMaking the video, picture or any other post interesting is a must. There are a thousand more posts similar to yours, so try and think of an innovative way of telling people what they would want to hear. At the end of every post, you should put a link to another social media profile of yours. This way they can read it several times, pin it, save it, share it.

Finally, don’t forget to publish new content regularly. People do like certain order and if you post something only once per month, there is a bigger chance you won’t appear on their Timeline. Once you get followers, try your best to actually give them a reason to stay.