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Everyone always needs some kind of strategy no matter the type of work they do. From the moment you decide to invest in our program, our specialists start preparing and building up a strategy which suits your needs. Every website is dedicated to a certain target group. Therefore, it’s vital to design a strategy to fully cover up the market with your product and ensure the excellent profit. 

Keyword Research and Traffic Analysis

Depending on the area of work your product is in, there are specific keywords which are desirable on your website in order to keep its position on the top. Intrigue Plugins is offering you this particular service which includes earlier mentioned keyword research and also traffic analysis. All information is available to you through the graphic charts our employees make. 

Optimization of the Content

As you already know what SEO stands for, the third step is directly connected to the name. It’s based on optimization of the content which is already on your website. After thorough analysis, we estimate the quality of articles and propose potential corrections. We also optimize any future posts and suggest innovations which are desirable for better traffic. We have an in-house SEO consultant who has experience ranking small and large sites.

Marketing of the Content

Most of the job is pretty much done by proper usage of keywords and optimization of the content. But to be sure of ultimate success and to maintain the top position of your website, marketing is an inevitable factor. 


With this level of involvement and devotion, I didn’t expect any less but the best service from Intrigue Plugins. I am always pleased to work with professionals like these.

-John Simmons

GLG Accounting


Incredible team, outstanding results. I would always recommend this company because Intrigue Plugins is definitely taking the top spot when it comes to SEO services.

-Cathy Rogers 

Lawyer’s Alliance


My company wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for Intrigue Plugins. Their team accomplished remarkable results and we’ve had an extraordinarily good cooperation. 

-Michael Foley

Bechtel Group



Frequently asked questions from our readers

Does the agency guarantee results?

No SEO Company could ever predict accurate results. There are too many unstable things which affect the traffic of your website.

Do you accept membership payments from all countries?

If your country is supported by PayPal services, there’s no reason why we should not accept your payment.

Why are your services so expensive?

Everyone needs human resources to do practically any job. Many hours of writing, editing and researching labor is done by our specialists. Considering the fact that SEO is an investment, your money will pay off eventually.

Do you offer any discounts?

If you apply for the annual plan, costs will drop for each month. Also, there are substantial discounts for students as they are the future digital marketers.

     Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information.